Chloe’s first solid

seriously where does the times goes? is it just me feeling that time pass extra extra fast when one become a parent? on her 5 month old i started to introduce cereal to yeah her first solid!
my friend notice she is all ready for solid, she asked me to start to introduce bit by bit
• Head control *check* always very strong 
• Sitting well when supported. *check* she always love to be seated but she still hate her high chair though
• Chewing motions *check* sometimes i’m so envious what is her actually chewing
• Significant weight gain *check* way double than her birth weight
so we let her lick a little pear that we having after dinner she was so eager to try and lick a few times, tasting it carefully then give us a wide smile! yes baby food for you!
so i get geared up all the tools that need for solid 
Healthy Time Brown Rice Cereal, OXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon, OXO Tot Divided Feeding Dish, and Munchkin Hot Safety Spoons
finally our sukusuku EN high chair are put into good use! 
 Chloe: What!mummy you’re finally giving me other food than breastmilk!!
let’s begin chloe solid journey!!!

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