first babyspa experience

Another date with @winniechia and baby lexin this time we go for baby spa!
This girl cannot sit still now non-stop moving and stirring, keep wanting to play and look so hard to eat my food

After lunch off we go to babyspa!
The lady started to play with her and a little massage all is good she smiled a bit but when she trying to take off her clothes she started to cry 😂

Then they successfully put on the neck float on her!

Then we manage to calm her down and get her to changed to her Swimming diaper

Meanwhile baby Lexin just chilax and let the Aunty do whatever got to be done 👍🏻

Lexin was already in the pool enjoying the bubble and kicking!

Then they suggest maybe she don't like the neck float let her try sitting on.. Placed her in..same story..once she goes in she would shut her eye and start screaming

Try to soothe her but fail.. That's all for today.. No more babyspa for you

There she go into the pool.. Guess what she started to cry and scream! Haha she don't like it.. She cry the whole place down! The Aunty bring her up

Cry until so pitiful,I'm quite used to it coz she cry like that at home too.My neighbour once commented this baby cry doesn't sound like a infant hor when she just brought home for a week.yes she cry like bloody murder since born😭
At this point of time I'm prepared to waste my money for this babyspa session..Hub actually told me beforehand that I'm gonna waste my money but I would like to let her try lar since she have been stop crying in bath for 2 months already maybe she decide to like water

Haha see the different! Lexin bochap what is happening next door cry or shout I enjoy kicking my water! So steady and calm lar this girl! Sure more babyspa session for u!
😉 I'm 45 bucks poorer now haha but good experience lar at least I know, But I'm still looking forward to bring her to real pool at least me or hubby is with her..I love to swim when I'm young I really hope she will like it too

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