2015 recap #tbt

I'm late 😂 but I really wanna wrote it down so coz 2015 is a life changing and meaningful year to me and my little family

In my second month of pregnant bad morning sickness.. Eat- vomit- sleep – eat -vomit also first time fainted in the street too 😳
Have a short family retreat at sekeping serendah

Good to escape from the city and Internet once a while

Entered second trimester morning sickness get better also did our pregnancy announcement
Not knowing the gender yet so I choose a neutral colour but lotsa Friend thought we're having a boy 🤔
Chinese New Year was rather different already everyone was giving baby angpao although she's still in my bump

Met up with these pretties during cny @Chanwon @cathykhu @sharonbee can't wait for next gathering coming Feb!

Bump still not very visible at 4 month
Starting to have food craving and I can eat ginger pork rice for dinner from this particular zhi cha stall every single day! Till my mum warn me not to eat dark Color food later baby skin black black haha

still looking ok haha #ownselfsay I think that's was my proper make up and dressing up after being pregnant when I post it on ig my 2 colleague who sit on my left and right was so happy and commented they miss this Kim 😂
– officially stop vomiting no more morning sickness and started to enjoy pregnancy

Babymoon at Bali! So so glad we did that and choose this location we just do nothing for 3 days except swim, read, talk, sleep, eat and daydreaming.. A good retreat before pop!

Told the Husband we need one of this trip annually! Just focus and spend time each other

We also moved to our new crib on May! Went on house viewing for a month and settle with this beautiful house we call home.. Rental cost a bomb for us but worthy it lar coz we gonna raise our baby here
Got most furniture from Taobao since I'm heavily pregnant hub got to do the packing, moving and cleaning all by himself..

In midst of busy moving he even got me my first mother day flower! He normally not that sweet 😂 and to him flower is a waste of money and not practical maybe that's why he got me a smaller one

Last trip back home before I pop till now
got my hair trimmed and treatment..I thought it will last me till I go for delivery but I cannot bear with the heat and sweat got my hair cut shorter a month later

Picture with women of my family before heading to dinner..
No more flight back home till next Feb!

Surprise baby shower by my colleagues! #babychloebabyshower
So sweet of them.. I really miss them 😂

Last month before Chloe join I spend most of my day sleep and eat! Also get her nursery area complete..

Farewell lunch with friends feel really grateful to know this bunch of awesome people in Luxola
Then I went on maternity last week of July so I have 2 week me time yeah to more sleep and eat and do nothing

The month we've been waiting for!
First day of the month I got a bloody show called hospital to check nurse say wait till contractions kick in.. Ok since edd was 8 of Aug so we waited
Then contraction happen on 5th got really panic and went to hospital with my hospital bag but appear to be Braxton Hicks went home, real contraction came on 8th in the morning dilated 1cm admitted
And baby was born on 9th with help of epidural 😂 it was a 18 hour long labour

Our precious baby girl was born healthy..Thanks God!
Follow by confinement, coping with sleep deprivation and start my breastfeeding journey..was a really tough month I would say

She is a tiny baby since born my parent and in law actually afraid is gonna be hard for her grow healthy or chubby but thanks God for breastmilk she grow so well after a month no one dare to doubt bf or is she having enough milk

Start my SAHM journey just me and Chloe most of the day.. So much to handle but rewarding at the same time..thanks hub he helps a lot too I don't need to worry about house chores

My first birthday with my girl! We had simple birthday lunch

First time brought her out with our yoyo too! We still love it till today.. Thanks dad for the gift next month we will change to normal seat already! I'll miss this pink infant seat for sure!

I also started to take more picture of Chloe after this series of photos where she started to smile at us

I finally decided to quit my job and official a real SAHM! I enjoy taking care of her of coz there up and down there's also times when I doubt about my choice..

But no regret as she is now very attach to me and smile whenever she sees me make it all worthy!

Did a very simple family portrait when my sis around..

Her chubbiest month started to giggles a lot simply amuse by little things or sound we make we are so blessed for such a happy baby..her daddy always can't wait to come home for her

She started to have separation anxiety..whenever I'm out of her sign she would whines for me 😂so ill bring with her inside her rocker everywhere I go.. She can stare at me non stop I never feel so needed and love by a person..haha

Or in a wrap she loves to be carry so that our solution for her..

Super eventful I just updated the first half in previous post.. In law was here for a weekend, then haohao family then my family here for Christmas so overwhelming till baby routine all mess up 😂 not complaining lar we see that coming

Botanic garden with family and so happen sis, mum and me was wearing culottes pants so we ask for a picture but this Husband dunno where and what to focus 😂

Chloe's baptism also happen on this month! A special day for her and us! really hope we can raise her well with God's word so she would reaffirm her faith when she grown up!

Daddy holidays started we had one whole week nuah at home and go to the mall when we feel like it! She finally fit into this set of clothes we brought when I'm pregnant back then..

Chloe first trip to ikea.. Brought some boxes and container for her toys and storage organiser for her changing table

Second date just two of us after baby is born.. Went hunting for good food then do some shopping leisurely.. Good to take a break from parent duties!

New year present arrived on new year eve! Just in time! Brought 5pair of shoe in one shot..shiok max!

That's pretty much sum up of my 2015! Thanks God for all the blessing and love that showered upon us!

In 2016 I hope we can grow spiritually as a family, Chloe grow well and healthy, hubby social network grow better coz he kinda antisocial person, and me grow more hair!! Haha dropping way too much hair..I'm really worried😂 also I hope to breastfeed Chloe till she is 1 year old!

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