Road trip to Penang

Chloe first road trip! 🚗
Going Penang with my family for 2 days, We are half way there and finally chloe is down for her nap.. we spend 2 hr entertain her gave her snack and food then milk, video when she want to be out of car seat..there's few time my folks wanna give in and carry her out of car seat when she whine, but I insist not too coz dangerous I rather she cry..

First stop: cha kway tiao
We are here for food hunting obviously hehe

And this baby is not very happy about it

Famous rojak after lunch

Check in to airbnb.. I think we still prefer hotel 😂

Daddy girl

She will request for 背背now


Early morning selfie, sent this to my sisters to show them I’m all ready, rush them to come my in law house to pick me up!

Also if u notice I we are 2 stripe top! Coz the one that I want to wear may be too revealing to my mil 😅 so to be safe I wear another to cover up then take it out when I’m out of the house #thingstodo #stayingwithinlaw

Chloe meet her one and only Cousin!
Look happy here but chloe shouted a few times at her, coz she refuse to share her toys with che che 😅 how to teach toddler to share?!?

Leave chloe with hub and in laws then go out with my sisters #outofprison #sahmlife

Sister zhi is back from Korea for winter holiday! It’s seems Long time we three get together

They drop me at 76 for hair appointment! My hair is at bad condition dry, colour faded and out of shape!
Time to get my trustworthy stylist Calvin to save it!

Now they have menu for you to choose drink to enjoy while doing hair! So good eh

Colouring in process! Bye bye pudding hair! There’s one good thing about graduation dye I did last time! When root come out actually not that option or annoyed that’s why it took me so long to come touch up my hair..

Love how this lady work she is very gentle and neat! She parted each section nicely and neat..get every string of hair coloured! Very detailed person..

Got this to try! Need a proper shampoo and conditioner for my hair..
hello to smooth hair!

Calvin (my hair stylist) introduce me this new product line they carry call Milbon that can create silky, soft and smooth result


Going home for Christmas

Spend whole morning packing with a toddler who help me to unpack at the same time! No joke every time I'm done with a bag she will sure go unzip and throw everything out!

Luckily hub is taking pm leave today if not I'm not sure when can I finish packing. So much to pack for 10 days!

Almost there! 29" and 19" fits everything I hope

Yeah..going home~~

Oh photo?!? Ok I pose (slanting)

This girl really know how to enjoy 😂 have a seat by herself, munching on snack, daddy holding her earphone while she watch Angry bird movie

Last flight of the year our flight back will be 2017 already, geddit geddit?

Home sweet home!! Come home for late dinner that mil left for us, chloe seems to ok with new faces last few visit she just cling on me but this round she's happily roaming around the house and baby talk to everyone ☺