Such a good weather to sleep in! Baby do know how to enjoy too she wake up at 9.30 instead of the usual 7.30 timing.. Fresh new bedsheets also works the magic! Feel so refresh today! Went for a quick breakfast and marketing downstair after bathing the baby she is now down to her nap..

Family was back yesterday, super eventful and happening long weekend! Thanks God hub is on leave till next week so we can spend some quality time together with baby 😍😍

Christmas Eve

Simple Christmas dinner with family!
Jamie Oliver roaster chicken by mum, baked salmon with baby asparagus by sis zhi, salad by sis Tien and my failed bacon aglio olio
This is the first year I spend Christmas Eve with my family coz normally me and hub will attend Christmas services but since it's gonna pass baby bedtime so we decide to stay home and spend time with family

After dinner we have secret Santa session!

Chloe secret Santa is Sister Tien she brought her bunch of clothes 😘

Chloe was grandpa's secret Santa and we got him a photo frame with Chloe photo on it! He love it to max haha he cannot say don't like oso..

Then he was Hubby secret Santa.. Super proud face..😌 a muji shirt for the Son-in-law

@huizhi got her Kikki.k 2016 planner from hubby
She already told me what she want so I just help to buy

She got mummy a diffuser she brought from Korea for her new room
So nice ler I also want!

Mum brought me a Tefal steamer that I always wanted to buy haha #auntylife
Ignore my chui face

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