Mini Christmas party for Lexin & Chloe

Lexin & Chloe second meet up, first was at Lexin full moon party but both of them still not interested at each other yet! Haha and so hard to put them together for a picture 😂 nvm training since young we planing to shoot every month!

Mini photoshoot for both of them

Little lexin posing, she is very calm and gentle baby not like Chloe the fierce girl

Ask her look at me she give me this face.. Haha

Thanks @winniechia for the bringing over the tree! Haha have to bring props over some more

Chloe's shock face! What you haven't brought me Christmas present!!

No nice shoot of her coz by the time her turn she already finish flashing all her smile to Winnie and bingda.. Haha smiley face quota used up

With our babies.. Chloe is like "Wah! Don't come near us! I'll protect lexin! " *kungfu pose*

Brought a mini strawberry shortcake for tea 😊 good catch up!! Looking forward for more outing and play dates!! 😘

Last year and this year we have 2 new members! Thanks God for the blessing!!

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