Christmas in 4 days!! Woohoo
So looking forward for my family to come over this Wednesday for Christmas weekend and take over Chloe! Haha so I can off duties for few hours in few days go paktor with my hub..😍😍 I miss spending time with him so much.. Movies, cafe hopping, shopping or just walk in the park holding hands!

December indeed a busy month for us! Let me recap a little..
(Now I'm really regret for lazy to update daily with my limited memory I sure left out a lot of things)

Parent-in-law visit

Since we will only be back for Chinese New Year so the grandparents have to take turn to come over to visit this princess
And my little PR doing a good job all smiley and cheerful barely throw tantrum for 4 days when they around! (Haha once they left mummy Dady got bullied!)

Love these photo of her with the grandparent planing to print them out and show her often hoping she would recognise their faces

I enjoy their stay so much haha coz I get to rest a little don't need to worry for meals my mil cook lunch and dinner refuse to eat out though we insist coz she love to do marketing here ingredients are fresh according to her the place they went most is ntuc haha yes we are bad host!

Brought them to garden by the Bay.. Baby slept half of the time in Tula luckily coz flower dome was freaking cold her cardi was too thin! By the end of the trip she having runing nose..

Really running nose we was busy talking the moment I look at her she look like that! #assholeparent so poor thing and helpless no choice we faster find exit out and keep her warm
*image from Google

Before her nose is running.. A family photo purposely wear flower hairband for flower dome but looking very funny on her balding head..😂
Ignore my Aunty look going out with in law no time to slowly put on make up

Must act yi ge with flower! Looking very emo..

Haohao and family visit

Haohao the handsome with his parent stay with us for 1 night! He is at his terrible 2 stage so different from the haohao I know since he born! He was a calm and steady baby then now he is very active, jumping and running non-stop but still cute 😂

When he was 2 month so demure and tiny

My pathetic looking Christmas tree

😭 too kiam to spend on a proper tree! Haha
Don't why it look like an altar to me, so wrong! most probably is the diffuser! I place the gifts under the table haha waiting my family to import my old tree here since its collecting dust in my house kiam ma is kiam

Didn't do Christmas shopping at all this year! So lazy! Got some online but haven't find time to wrap it yet 😂 #fail Planing to only unwarp the gifts on Christmas Day..

#bf-friendly ootd

My current favourite top – button down
This chiffon material so very airy and comfy to wear, match with my ripped denim short and lace up flat

Monki flare shirt so flare that doesn't need a nursing cover..But material not very suitable for baby carrying 😂 spend time iron nicely after carry baby become kiam cai! The thing about shirt dress or bottom down top mostly are easily wrinkle material when I wear my other shirt dress I look like no money to buy iron😂

Outfit to a church wedding
Another bottom down shirt with jewel collar and puffy skirt

Not bad friendly outfit when we just out for dinner Chloe now on 4 hourly feed so I can finally rest from those button down top once a while

I'm finally after 4 months back to my pre-pregnancy weight.. worry too #firstworldproblem coz Im still losing weight my mum say because I don't eat enough nutrition food later no milk 😂

Meet up with @charmmy3030

This girl too sweet she messaged me in ig asking for my add so she can send over some gift she brought for Chloe! Of coz I paiseh la so I suggest a meet up and prepared a gift for her too in exchange since its Christmas

So we met at froth for lunch
Again baby can't stop looking at her flashing smile till her eye too tired ok-ed in Tula after 10mintues of staring at pretty yiyi

My first dayre meet up! Great experience Thanks Vivian for gifts and a ride home! Get well soon k!

wefie with my chub!! She lose some baby fats 😭😭 hopefully not my milk

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