4 month old!

Chloe is 4 months old! 🎉
6.6kg and 60cm
– grasp thing around her and put it in her mouth! 😂
– smile back whenever you smile at her
– laugh at random sound we make
– laugh out loud when you pinch (gently) her fatty tight
– grumbles a lot when she is impatient! Especially in her rocker
– get very excited and love looking at herself in the mirror
– mood swing! One minutes happily making cute cooing sound another minutes shouting angrily!
– searching for mummy when others carry her

And she love to do this lately biting her lower lip!! The 🍞 face! So cute and she will go mmmm..mm..

She haven't flip over yet!! Lazy bun bun..

Our Cinderella must be at home before 8 so we can't stay out later than that so no matter what or where we are by 7 we will chiong home..coz she will start to fuss at 8pm the witching hour all she want is to be carry and walk around the house.. Then by 830 quick warm bath and 9pm must nurse her, bedtime prayers and a lullaby there she goes to dreamland..

Don't try to mess with me at 8! Haha
She is full or expression too

Can't stop thanking God for such a cutie He bless us! Please continue grow healthier and chubbier ok!

Can't take the 4 month monthly photo yet as we only take those photos on 20th of the month 😂 see how much she have grow! 2nd month is the chubbiest!

Oh ya haha at 4 months she meet her first love!! Haha just joking.. Is my handsome godson came to visit us yesterday


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