Black Friday loots are here
These from Carters and Oshkosh thanks @calvinadawn for your public announcement!!
My Favourite is the Oshkosh flora set I brought a size bigger would be just nice for Chinese New Year and also the hairbands!! Haha I'm crazy I know I think Chloe now have more than 30 hairbandssss not like she always have chance to wear it since she stay at home with me most of time but I try to make sure she wear it even we are out to ntuc downstair haha #siaomum

Outfit for Christmas!!
So sad that I only got something for baby nothing for myself..😂 #lifeofamother
But Thanks for online shopping staying at home at least not so boring shop nonstop and have different guy come ring my bell everyday!!Haha delivery guy lar don't get me wrong I'm so happy to receive parcel also I hate it when they press my doorbell violently and woke up my sleeping baby.. I'm gonna stick a note there soon to ask them only press bell once or just knock the door!

When missing coz my life is kinda repeatedly and I have this things when my followers increase I tend to be very self conscious then begin to hide myself same thing happen to my blog then Instagram and now dayre haha #notabloggermaterial almost wanted to stop writing but 不舍得 coz there's so many memories I enjoy reading back the post and so many nice ppl here..

Okie back to my loot I got from 11.11 Taobao sales
Bed vacuum..since Chloe have sensitive nose so I think it's better to keep the room less dust as possible especially the beds that she slept not bad lar can see quite bit of dust and all the hairs Everyday
We brought the robot vacuum of this brand while a go which is very good and save a lot of work so decide to stick with this brand

Last night Hubby ask me again should we hire a helper whenever Chloe is difficult at night he will ask this question I tell him the helper will not take over the night shift but he say at least I get some rest in the day and help with house chores..
My MIL suggest this once Chloe was born when I say I wanna quit my job but hub reject coz he think I can manage it and he like his freedom at home..instead of having a stranger sleeping in his computer room..

then asked my mum for opinion she say no need since Chloe doesn't sleep well only occasionally
For me I don't know sometimes I really wish to have someone to help especially when I'm taking shower and baby woke up from sleep crying or when it's raining and I'm nursing a almost asleep baby I would rather to have my laundry wet then put her down crying aftermath will be dragging in the wet laundry n wash n hang again!!Or a date with hub when there's someone to take care of Chloe for few hour

There's times I dont want a helper when Chloe is now so depend on me and only want me which I love it will the helper take over my role.. the freedom and privacy we have right now is something I will miss if we have a helper at home.. And there's so many stories of bad helper make me not wanting to spend money and have a trouble maker at home
A helper yay or nay?

Okie stop talking about your problem mummy! Anyone miss me?!?

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