TGIF!! Dress nicely but not for shopping Chloe is having her 2 vaccine and oral rotavirus today, mummy have to bring her there alone.. *Scary*

All smiley and happy since morning she don't know what is coming to her.. Poor girl maybe she just chill this mummy more worried than her

Took a picture to show Aunty Winnie she gave me this 'I'm sexy and I know it' pose my daughter very hiao.. Haha

Now no longer do tummy time on bed! Play mat is the new place! But now whenever she do tummy time she babbling non stop plus some screaming on and off don't know too excited or what!
She also like to pull her hair now whenever she laying! Already balding soon still pulling her hair..some more cry coz painful don't know how to release her hand 😂

Thanks God her rashes subsided and I thought drama is over but then blocked nose come in almost every night..Bring her to paed again..😂 doctor say since her nose very sensitive so have to clean her nose very frequent but every time I do she will cry the whole house down..but feel so relief and happy after seeing mucus out of her nose, never so happy to see nose shit! Even video or photo to show her daddy!
*this play mat really worth! Good background for picture!* haha another #dayrepoison

She cried before even the nurse poke her! 😂 but not bad la just whine a while after the injections then stop and fall asleep for few hour! Now very energized when I just about to take a nap! #lifeofamother what to do smile so sweet how to ignore her anyway hopefully no fever..

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