Went to clinic today coz Chloe had some red rashes on her belly for few days already so better go to the paed, nothing serious doc prescribed rashes cream to apply should be gone in few days*finger crossed*
Oh and I met a friendly Aunty who brought her grandson to the clinic she greeted me so we started to chat a bit
👵🏻:oh *pointed at Chloe* is a boy!(she is in her romper and hairband)
👩🏻:I say no is a girl😂
👵🏻:then ur #2 must be a boy confirm one!Cos she look like a boy!Sure one!

Thank you Aunty you very confident but see how la! Haha find it quite funny been few times people comment Chloe look like boy but this Aunty give me whole new idea of a baby girl look like a boy mean I'm getting a boy for my second one.. 😂

My little 'boy' say hello.. If I have a boy and made him wear like that then I must have a problem!
Anyway she's having her 3 month growth spurt me and hub suspect
Wanting to feed 1 – 2 hour at night unsettle, super clingy, fussing and cranky in the daytime.. Just about she have a routine fixed quite well this grow spurt come and interrupts the whole thingy😭😭 hopefully it pass soon and we will the normal routine back!

Thanks yiyis yes I'm a girl okie!! say I'm boy again my mum will bite chu

Playmat is here!! Waiting the hub to do his job mop the floor clean clean before I do opening ceremony and let Chloe enjoy her new playmat! *hinting*


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