Good morning everybody~~~
Did every baby manage to wake mummy daddy up early in Monday morning?? I woke them up at 6am! What about you? What's your score?

I'm gonna spam you some photos my Mommy took for me hope you don't mind ☺️

Imma bite chu

@klutzclumlov Aunty you so funny! Don't bite my face please 😧

Mummy say bite my tum tum nicer! She love this picture so much but I don't I swear I don't look like that in person just another bad angle!

What! Tomorrow is public holiday?!? Another good day to wake them up early to bring us out yo!

My ootd yesterday to church and baby Liya full moon party
Stripe top with tutu:Carters
Jean legging: Next
Shoe: Grandma (not a shop don't get me wrong is from my fav popo)

My copycat daddy n mummy wear some stripe print with jeans so embarrassing 😖

End the day with my first video here! Thanks yiyis for camping!!
It's mute coz mummy talk to in high pitch to make me laugh 😂

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