Hi as a mother

Hi from 4 months long hiatus almost thought of abandon this space when the domain is expired but couldn’t bear to lose all the memories i jot down here so yeah i’m back with my new title!
A Mother
such a happening 4 months i regret didn’t take the effort to write them down so now i got nothing to read back and recall.. but i do blog on and off casually in dayre though a good platform for mummy especially!
i wish to write my birth story, my confinement woes, life being a SAHM but sitting in front of the computer seems to be luxurious thing in my life right now as i’m on 24/7 call for Chloe, i carry her feed her play with her when i’m not i probably be doing some house chores or trying to nap ( yes trying! i have trouble taking nap in the daytime) im not complaining i enjoy it thus far 
and good news is that now i tend to have my ‘me time’ at least once in a day while my princess is having her nap normally her afternoon goes rather long (hopefully i don’t jinx it)
many ask me how is parenthood my answer is always pandahood! sleep is precious! a non-interrupted one 8 hours straight! that never happen to me once i gave birth to my girl because we are on fully breastfeeding and she have yet STTN (which i don’t expect that to happen so soon, just let it happen naturally) 
Thanks God for my very hands on husband
he always there to help and take care of us from change nappy to put baby to sleep he has been doing a great job as a daddy!
That’s all for today Chloe wake up from her nap already mom duties on again #lifeofamother hope i get more chance to blog again!

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