Hubby got us Solly baby wrap..after reading his friend's wife review about it! Tula is kinda too heaty and complex to wear it at home so a cloth sling would be good to carry baby while I can do my stuff..since our baby love to be carry so much.. So I'll carry whenever I can and also read somewhere there's few benefit of baby wearing haha *self-comforting*

The packaging very nice and the models look very fashionable in the sling! Maybe that's why this piece of cloth cost that much 😂

Test-carry she kinda enjoy it.. I think my baby ok with any sling or carrier as long as you carry her anything is good

Close up give her some head support and this girl secretly noming her hand in there..

Fall asleep 😂
I hope this magic works everytime! Official a human cradle!
Have to practice more, the tie is quite simple just that I find it tricky to place baby in it have to do it in front of the mirror for now

Most important have to master how to put her down without waking her up 😳

I still love my Tula btw will use it when I'm out with her alone or when we don't feel like bringing stroller out..
Now we have 2 options
A. Stroller + baby wrap (use to bring Tula and stroller out but find it too much to handle especially plus all the shopping loots)
B. Tula only

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