my day with Chloe

Everyday this girl woke up around 8 just before daddy left home for work!She very chatty in the morning so they will spend sometime baby talking which make him feel reluctant to go to work, that's your strategy right Chloe! So daddy always late to work nowadays..Haha if daddy lose his job how!?!
After daddy left I'll put her in the cot with her mobile on while I brush my teeth and made the bed..Always have to come back to rewind the mobile before it stop if not she will start screaming for me..

Prepare water for bath time!! Probably the worst part of her day.. She start crying once I wipe her face with wet,then cry become screaming when I place her in the bath tub! Without fail everyday same drama since birth (bath time = melt down time) I quite used to it so I will continue talking to her and singing, by end of it I'm all sweaty and tired! That's her looking very unpleased with me, she never enjoy bath time! Really hope one day she will change her mind..

Haha got people shoot ootd like that?! Haha
Yup she still can't stop crying when I dress her up!
Polka top: Carters
Starry short: babyGap

That's when she stop all drama carry her on shoulder.. Instantly stop! Carry her walk a few round in the living room she start to fall asleep maybe use too much energy in the bath room 😂

Start to stir in her nap because is milk time so feed her while drinking give me explosive poo! Guess what it leaked! Stop her from drinking to change diaper and clothes..😂
Cry again coz still hungry drama never end

Changed and continue milk..and KO! So many things happen within this 1 hour.. 😂 next big question when to put her down without waking her up?!?

Ootd no. 2
Flora onesie: Mothercare
Fashion show huh..

Amount of poo-ed clothes I have to wash this is the time of the day I wish I have a helper 😂
Managed to wash and put the rest of her laundry in the washing machine while she having her nap..okie one house chores down

Went missing coz went nap with her after feeding at 2 then hang her laundry and get the previous batch folded.. So many laundry for this little human..
Oh ya and ate my tingkat lunch before nap too haha thanks for reading my boring life

3rd outfit!! Nothing new another poo happen Guess I really need to upsize her diaper see if can solve the problem.. She don't normal change that much of clothes ler today break record!
Another onesie from Carters and her toy on her wrist

Tummy time before milk milk

Manage to shower when she having her 5pm nap but right after I come out from bathroom she cry from her nap.. Today naps all short one 😂

Can't made her fall back to sleep so I Tula her while cooking dinner.. Usually I just prepare ingredient for hubby to come back and cook but since today dishes are simple one so i can do it myself
That's her falling asleep soundly no matter how much noise I make in the kitchen..all done now wait Hubby to be home then steam the fish and dinner is served!
Thanks for camping for my boring day 😂

Simple dinner today
Steam fish, steam egg with prawn and stir fry baby asparagus


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