Baby Chloe – 3 Months

where does the time go?
Chloe is already 3 months and going to be 4 months in 10 days!
it’s been an exciting 3 months plus spending with this cutie 
amazing how fast she picking up new skills everyday and can’t stop to surprise us!

3 months old at 59cm, 6.3kg 

Chloe Milestones at 3 months
  • Lift her head high on tummy 
  • Always attempt to sit on her own whenever you put her on the lap
  • Little PR (she smile to stranger from cleaning Aunty in the mall to doctor who examine her provided she in her good mood if you smile at her she normally smile back – giggles and laugh out loud when you tickle her cheek or tummy)
  • Fixed to her routine quite well and taking longer nap and more wake time in day time also there’s some occasional day when she just want to play all day! 
  • Laugh out loud at random stuff we say like “Getchu” “Cha” 
  • Vain Pot (love looking at herself in front of mirror can’t stop smiling at her refection too)
  • Chatty (especially when she woke up in the morning)
  • Express herself (Started to shout when she excited n scream when she’s annoy especially you try cradle carry her )
  • suck on a fist or a few fingers (that’s her favourite activity i read since is one of the best ways babies have of comforting themselves so i just let her be all i do is clean her hand often) 
  • Always kick her leg n wave her hand whenever I pass by her rocker I Guess is her signal of asking me to carry
  • Grab things like hair and our neck skin haha that is really painful
  • Okie to be carry by others when in her good mood 
  • Started to enjoy bath time (hopefully I don’t jinx it) no crying for a week already except when you carry her out from the tub n dress her I think she want to be in the water longer.
  • Drink less or not at all when we’re out especially in Church for Sunday Service i guess she don’t like nursing cover as there’s no proper nursing room in church and overwhelmed by surrounding all she want to do look around and kepo
For Mummy
  • understand her clues better
  • more relax on parenting
  • breastfeeding have become a bliss (target bf is 1 year old)
  • secretly love/enjoy it when she only recognize me or want me to carry
  • more me time
  • wish there’s some time off to catch a movie or a date with hubby 

she look like a little girl in the picture
*tear* please don’t grow up so fast

p.s:Mummy so regret didn’t start to write a monthly post for baby Chloe
so im starting at 3 months hope it’s not too late

TGIF!! Dress nicely but not for shopping Chloe is having her 2 vaccine and oral rotavirus today, mummy have to bring her there alone.. *Scary*

All smiley and happy since morning she don't know what is coming to her.. Poor girl maybe she just chill this mummy more worried than her

Took a picture to show Aunty Winnie she gave me this 'I'm sexy and I know it' pose my daughter very hiao.. Haha

Now no longer do tummy time on bed! Play mat is the new place! But now whenever she do tummy time she babbling non stop plus some screaming on and off don't know too excited or what!
She also like to pull her hair now whenever she laying! Already balding soon still pulling her hair..some more cry coz painful don't know how to release her hand 😂

Thanks God her rashes subsided and I thought drama is over but then blocked nose come in almost every night..Bring her to paed again..😂 doctor say since her nose very sensitive so have to clean her nose very frequent but every time I do she will cry the whole house down..but feel so relief and happy after seeing mucus out of her nose, never so happy to see nose shit! Even video or photo to show her daddy!
*this play mat really worth! Good background for picture!* haha another #dayrepoison

She cried before even the nurse poke her! 😂 but not bad la just whine a while after the injections then stop and fall asleep for few hour! Now very energized when I just about to take a nap! #lifeofamother what to do smile so sweet how to ignore her anyway hopefully no fever..

of Parenting

my girl never fail to give me new patterns everyday, we both are learning new things each day 
she is now more responsive other than milk and sleep she want to play too! she giggles and laugh out loud at stupid or most lame thing me and hub do which is very rewarding
my mum say she is a little PR as she smile back to anyone who smile at her (provided she’s in her good mood) she smile at random cleaning aunty in the mall to doctor who going to examine her 
Hope she continue be a happy baby and bring joy to others and us!
this 3 months we have been trying to adjusting her to fit in our lifestyle i must say it require a lot of patient a lot more than any other job or test i faced in my life so far! haha 
we read parenting books, study baby behaviour, get advice from other parents and the folks back home..
we listen too much from others saying keep carry her later she demand to carry all the time, don’t rock her to sleep later she can’t fall asleep herself, don’t let her sleep on boob don’t nurse to sleep, faster start train her to sleep thru there way too many don’t
its give me extra stress made me think how fail am i yes she want to be carry all the time, yes i have to rock her to sleep in daytime, and yes i nurse her to sleep and i do all the don’t
 everyone have different say and judgement but once my friend told me something that hit me she told me “every baby is different don’t stress out go with her flow and slowly adjust her most important is to enjoy the time with her because all this doesn’t last long one day she will eventually wean bf so no more nurse to sleep, she will learn to crawl and walk who want to be carry by then baby will grow out of these so call ‘bad habit’ why stress”
I did try my best to train on sleep routine but not for the carry part because this girl cry a lot and she don’t just cry she scream like bloody murder yes she is that fierce 
so now i always remind myself every babies is different so there is no right or wrong do, in order to make my motherhood more enjoyable i choose to have her happy and we’re happy as long as it’s follow God’s word, and even if it goes against the wisdom of the experts, it’s working for us that matter most~