Hello from me and my finger-noming Monster!
Back to usual routine without Ah Yi! She very poor thing help me with all the cooking, baby sitter Chloe and all other house chores! My task is only feed baby, hub say if there someone to help then I better rest as much as I can.. She doesn't need to do any house chores at home but have to come all the way here to be a maid! Thanks Sister! Hope you still wiling to come..

Today daddy half day to bring Chloe for her 3 month review check up! And today no haze so we can go for some shopping after the appointment..phew been camping at home since last Friday.. *blow dust*

We did a simple family shoot at home last Saturday photographer is my Sister! Haha super multitask this helper! These photo are from my phone the live photo feature quite cool ler coz baby keep moving manage to capture all her expression!

My mum and Aunty say she look like me more now.. But I'm a ugly baby last time accordingly to my mum and dad they even worried have to take care of me when I'm old coz too ugly no one want..then I ask my mum if baby look like me she is ugly ltoo lor but she say no Chloe is cute and pretty 😂 #obssesedgrandma

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