Sister is here for a week!! Time passed so fast another 4 days She going back..😂
So good to have someone close around to help up a bit especially when baby is cranky.. Extra hand on house chores, cook meal and all..
That's why I've been quiet here..Treasure every moment with her around, talk rubbish made fun of each other and take turn to carry my highness! Bliss!! All thanks to my mum she will arrange someone here or her self every keep me company and help me with baby!

We went for lunch date with the sleeping baby after baby's orthopedist check up also ask the physiotherapists some question about Tula since I be been receiving comment especially aunties I met in the market, lift and park saying I shouldn't wear my 2months plus baby later bone not good la, spread the leg create bowed leg I better check with the pro, physiotherapist say it's completely fine its ergonomic and well support so no worries

Back to our lunch we went to Sumiya at Orchard Central after reading @charmmy3030 post about their set lunch I say I must go! Thanks babe for recommendation, food is good and service not bad too.. Apparently they have normal chairs and all the parent with babies are seated at this corner so baby cry also wouldn't be so paiseh

Since the Sister is around stroller training is easier of coz only when the weather is good.. Without her I'll have to carry a crying baby and pushing the stroller with another hand..but too bad only went to the park twice this can now stay in the stroller for 20mins max 😂

That's my week so far back to little Chloe with the red riding hood hat..she start to have longer 'good mood' period of the day so yeah to more pictures..

Gotta buy more hats and accessories keep repeating the same things! Sorry if you getting bored!

Eh mami I look the same like miss raindrop!! Oh must close eye too!! Look alike no?

Have a great weekend everybody! Hopefully a haze free one!


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