My maternity leave ended today and I was suppose to go back to work..mixed feeling ler! I miss my colleagues at work and my job since Sephora brought over Luxola so there's lotsa big Brand’s coming in must be very fun and challenging!

Now I only have one colleague 😂 and sometimes it's so much harder to handle her than my job! Haha.. But I don't regret la, I can't imagine if I really go back to work today sure I will cry missing her! #clingymum

You say how to leave home to work with this face!
Great that my hub support this idea of me staying home! Maybe to him having me to work also nothing different I save my own salary and I shop a lot doesn't really contribute to this little must as well stay at home take care of baby and save babysitter fees!

My mum always tell me since young that Women have to be financial independent sorry mum I let you down!

Chloe look so chubby and sexy in this body suit my sister got her from Zara.. But her explosive poo leaked and stain it! Good! Mummy have to hand wash some more is white! Must apply more hand lotion..

Belated birthday cum thanks-for-giving-birth-to-Chloe present from hubby, thanks love~
Too pretty that deserve a shoot with some props but picture turn out blur coz baby is crying #lifeofamother

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