How I shoot Chloe’s photos

That's me!
Tired and exhausted..nowadays I go to bed at 9pm with Chloe! Only get to see hub for 2 hour or 1 if he get home late! Not healthy!! How! I'm so tired!
I try to nap in the daytime but it's all depend to baby schedule these 2 days she never nap properly at all..
A friend came to visit us Chloe also busybody wanna entertain her, once my friend left she immediately knocked out for hours..too tired being a host huh!

Then yesterday worst pat,rock, nurse all used but she never sleep more than 30minutes! A pin drop will wake her up! Keep smiling at me thought I'm playing with her.. Never sleep thru 3 feeds and really no choice have to get some housework done put her in carrier she instantly slept for 2 hours! I don't want her to depend on Tula to fall asleep ler..
Mummies, how you put your baby to sleep in daytime!! 😂

Sleep? What sleep? I want to play!

Thanks mummies for your sharing!
There's always good days and bad days when good day happen she slept till I have to self debate should I wake her up is time for next feed!?! Sleep like an angel let her sleep while more.. She will wake up when she's hungry..!

She discovered her hands recently and find them really tasty! Can't stop licking and sucking her hands and fingers..

So yummy I can't stop!

How I shoot Chloe's photo

Many mummies ask me to share how I shoot Chloe's photo!
I didn't shoot it with phone camera obviously.. Hehe
I use Sony a6000
We brought this camera last year in prepare of baby coming coz this camera has the fastest AF performance that time and you can shoot continuously at 11 fps with subject tracking feature so it's good to shoot moving object such as a baby.. Haha
It's light and not very expensive too..also added a prime lens (35mm/f1.8) which I've been using it to shoot Chloe!

This lens is ideal for blur-free capture of fast moving baby with aperture of f/1.8 so the background turn out blur and dreamy! So anyone can take professional photo of coz with bit of adjustment on shuttle in the camera setting.

1. Camera is always ready and easy to reach..
2. Once she in good mood I'll grab the camera and start shooting her while making funny high pitch sound to keep her happy!
3. Her accessories must be easy access too hats, hair bands put it on when she is not aware of

4. If she is in not very matchy outfit with her accessory I'll grab any button down suit and just bottom a few on the collar and shoot her close up! Haha crazy mum I know! I did that in the photo above..😂

5. Easy transfer! Where got time sit down infront of the computer to get the photos out and transfer to phone! This camera come with wifi feature by installing Sony app is very easy to transfer photos from camera to phone! I sound like selling the camera more huh!

6. Take plenty of them just continue shooting you don't know when your little model will turn into angry monster! Not all the photos turn out nice just delete it! Here's one blur one

Bad angles!

Good expression but overexposed.. Such a waste! Just keep shooting don't stop!

Me and hub want to take as much nice photos of her as we can for memory and print it out! Not sure I'll do the same to my 2nd or 3rd but at least Chloe have it for now..coz my mum don't take much photos of me I can't even look back photos of me being a baby! 😭

Yup actually not very good tips! Just invest a good camera and be patient!

Please ignore below photos trying to get a continues thumbnails..

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