Good Morning everybody~
Mummy say I'm a good girl last night i deserve to drink more milk today!

Today is all about me! No more boring story from mummy..

1. I was born on 9 August at 12am I'm SG national day baby! I think is a good timing to be out so we got plenty goodies from hospital! I did a good job right, daddy I help you save some diaper money!

2. Where I sleep and change nappy!

#thetruthis here! where I really sleep at night so big so soft so comfy! I think the crib mummy and daddy got me have snake! I try to tell them by crying whenever they put me down but they don't believe and keep putting me there! 😡

3. I love tummy time! My favorite activity at the it bedtime or im really tired as long as I'm on tummy I'll lift my head high!

4. Yo! I love to be carry!! There's no such thing of putting me down play or sleep by myself.. I only like to be carry on shoulder especially so I can look around.. Stroller is for daddy to put shopping loots so he don't need to carry those heavy stuffs mummy brought! See..I'm such a caring daughter

6. I love being in Tula! Enjoy sleeping in it! When mummy hand is tired of carrying me she will put me in there and do her stuff then I fall asleep within 5 minutes..magical

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