So surprise!!
Thanks for featuring me as Editor's Pick!!

Had a bad night, Chloe woke up every hour for feed while stretching and grunting non-stop! Poor thing her didn't sleep well and me din even get my eye shut more than 30mins!
Motherhood= Pandahood 🐼

At least my Monday not so blue when I know I'm on EP..but actually quite stress ler! Should I write something today? What should I write? my broken English..blah blah..
haha don't care la! Just be myself..

Before that, Chloe in her most sexy pose dedicate this picture for Dear Editor thanks for liking Chloe's photo!
👶🏻:: Good! Mummy, remember she got picked is because of my cuteness!

Maybe we start with facts about me and Chloe..

Facts about me!

1. Happily married to this guy called Ming when we're 26 after 6 years in relationship
• Both of us from KL he got an job offer in Singapore 2 years ago so we moved over and built our little family here in the garden city
• Check out our pre-wedding photos on day 93 on 3rd April 2015 when I post about my #weddingcheese or click #weddingcheesekim

2. I'm a website/graphic/concept designer
• Freelancing all the while when I'm KL
• Joined Luxola last year as graphic designer and meet lotsa awesome people there!
• Recently resigned with my new job personal slave of Chloe Lau

3. I used to post and shoot a lot of ootd (before pregnant)
• Last time I blog actively about my ootd and other random things here but went hiatus for very long till domain expired also don't know but is now renewed

4. Thanks God we're blessed with Chloe on November last year and Immediately turn into a grumpy pregnant women who give up make up and dressing up! I wear comfy pjs like outfit to work everyday during the 9 months thanks to morning sickness and pregnancy hormones
• I post my maternity photos on Day 196 #kimmaternity

5. I love home and deco!
That's our room back in KL which is now dusty and vacant for 2 years!
• I used to change our room deco every 2 months according to different themes maybe I'll post it someday this week argh I miss doing it!

6. I cook and enjoy cooking
Not very pro I've to make a call back home to my mum to check on the recipe and my dishes very Chinese coz when I'm pregnant with Chloe all I wanna eat is Chinese food and more Chinese food she's indeed a Cina baby
• but now my hubby do the cooking coz this girl only want to me to cooking when the sun goes down! So nowadays all the dinner is cooked by him
#kimtrytocook for my cooking diary

7. I love shopping for clothes now that I seldom go out to shop but I shop a lot online..though i don't know when I have chance to wear them since we only go out on weekend and I'm covered by a huge and cute accessory (Chloe) so why wear so nice I also don't know

Maybe I'll stop at perfect 7 as I need to attend to the my highness now with the usual routine! Thanks for following me!

Sorry campers I let you down I'm so tired today and still don't have chance to catch a nap yet! So hard to put Chloe to sleep today Tula her she managed to sleep for an hour then put her on the bed she woke up.. This cycle repeats when I decided give up and nap with her in Tula and guess what is feeding time..argh my life! Waiting my husband back for rescue

I shall continue Chloe's facts tomorrow, hope tonight we have a good rest *finger crossed*
please be good my girl

Good night to you! 😘

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