Oh how much I miss you, HD view! I've learn not to take you for granted! Finally we don't need camp in the room stick with the purifier all day,not sure the haze will be back anytime but cherish the moment now! Breath in all the clean air! Sorry I'm too happy, if the weather still good later in the evening I'm going to bring Chloe to the park for a stroll and train her to sit in the stroller..my baby have been trapped at home for so long

Little Chloe say Hi!!
She is getting chubbier *self pat* haha fil ask her don't eat so much later pui pui.. But mummy only mission is to fed you well so no choice the more meat the merrier!
she very clingy want to be carry all the time 😭 put her down she sure cry within 3 minutes.. mummy hand very painful and sore but I keep remind myself i will only get to carry her this few year so cherish it! Embrace the soreness my arms! Haha

Is getting fun as she know how to interact with us..wake time getting longer too!
Her obsessed grandma will call her everyday whenever I picked up the call she will like 'hello, Ee Xuan(Chloe's Chinese name) blah blah..'I was like this my phone ler, if she call when baby sleeping she will say okie,bye call me when she wake up! Don't even wanna talk to me😭 then the grandpa dunno when subscribe a photo a day service, everyday buzz me for baby's photo or video.. If forget to send will get scold

That's why I have to keep taking photos of her and have to be nice one coz they will show to other people.. Must show the best.. Haha
I take off her mitten these few day but she keep scratching herself although I cut her nail already.. So mitten on again..when is the best time to take it off?!? Also we back to swaddle her to sleep at night so she sleep better coz of reflux she keep stretching and grunting.. When is this reflux gonna go away..probiotic drop also don't seems to help..

I used to put her on tummy to sleep coz she seems to sleep better but now cannot anymore..after I introduce her tummy time.. And she know she can lift up her head and find it fun.. So whenever I put her on tummy to sleep even she is drowsy she sure wake up and started to lift her head and do her tummy time exercise instead of sleeping 😂 why you so hardworking!

Blow raspberries is my new trick! And I think mummy want me to be a lawyer! Coz this hat look like lawyer wig!!

Grumpy bear crying for her milk.. But this mummy still taking photos #badparenting

Yeah Thanks God for the weather we went for a stroll on the stroller and she behave well! Tml try a longer distance if the weather is still good.. 😍

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