Joining #thetruthis bandwagon

Myth: I'm happily attempting life with this little one

Truth: I think I almost suffer from postpartum depression in my confinement month! Feeling very unbalanced and emotional all the time.. Somemore the BF thingy and all the confinement myths, hubby was so scared when he see me crying silently at night..

But Thanks God prayers help to calm me down everytime couldn't imagine if it gone worst..

Myth: I seem to enjoy breastfeeding and my target is to breastfeed Chloe till one year old
(That was my supply at week 2)

Truth: I don't know how many times I wanted to give up! Especially waking up every hour to attend a hungry baby since she is born.. Never had a longer than 2 hour sleep..doubting on my supply..Cried in middle of the night and say mean things to hubby..even asked him to get formula milk to stand by

But everytime I give in after he talked to me..Till now formula untouched

Myth: Perfect husband!

Truth: I always got very upset with him this 3 days in a year ( birthday, anniversary and Valentine) he is not romantic nevermind but never even show effort..

But the rest of 362 days he is a great husband and perfect daddy

Myth: enjoy staying at home with my clingy baby

Truth: I miss hanging out with friends! Now that I'm very free on weekday but they are all busy working and my weekend family time..😭

Myth: yes I did lost quite bit of weight 3 more kg back to pre pregnancy weight

Truth: it will never be the same again.. Now I had border shoulder, bigger boobs, flabby tummy and wider hip! Have to be extra careful choosing outfit cannot anyhow wear

This face make it all worth! Social smile milestone unlock!!the great part of SAHM never missed any milestone of my girl!

Btw Thanks Audrey for starting this meaningful hashtag..
Yes we tend to share more of the good side of us in social media..and that's all the truth in me


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