Imagine myself in a cafe for breakfast in a Monday morning..wah so nice!
Just that I'm wearing my milk stain pj and most comfy loose boxer while tula'ing a sleeping baby

Last week was 'eventful' don't even have time to type a sentence here in dayre.. Haze was bad trapped at home busy ourselves with house chores and soothing a forever-dunno-crying-for-what and only-want-mummy-carry baby

Manage to go out awhile when haze condition went better
And Thanks God Chloe wiling to accept daddy again in daytime..

Shameless selfie of a mother
First selfie after give birth I don't dare to turn on front camera before this.. Haha and finally put on make up (love this urban decay Matt lipstick so much), my mum once remind me don't be yellow face women and constantly ask me go shop for new clothes last time she only ask me to stop buying now different story, she scare my husband run away I think haha
Okie ma I listen to you!

Brought stroller out but only give us trouble to finding lift coz This baby only want to be carry and very Kepo like to see this and that.. That's us while waiting daddy in the fitting room wear so nice also no use lar cover by a baby

My first picture with her and she look so 'glamorous'

Yo! Do I look good in this sunnies?

Then the weekend is spend with me having on and off fever..:( body ache and feeling cold and hot 😔but luckily this happens on weekend hubby can take care of baby
And I'm recovered after frequent nursing.. Maybe cause of blocked duct..

Officially lost my job!
My boss just called so sweet of her lar she have been trying to schedule a call with me to check out how am I coping with Chloe but I seldom check my email so din reply
So after updating each other of latest news she asked whether I wanna go back ornot.then I say no and was planning to submit my resignation letter, she very nice say understand and how to work out the one month notice thingy and future freelance opportunity😭so touching!
And I'm a SAHM!No turning back

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