Was suppose to go out today!! Of all day but today ( public holiday) the haze was so so bad!!! Why you no go away!!!!!
Chloe wanna go out to play (actually mummy la)

On the bright side.. Birthday gift for myself arrived last night top n bottom and shoe total 9 pcs 2 more on the way
Haha bit too much but mostly bottom lar my ass grow bigger can't fit in most of the shorts I had

Since hub is taking care of baby so I take my own sweet time organize the wardrobe and get rid of those pregnancy dresses and those old clothes I can't fit in anymore

Daddy girl in the making..
Chloe have been rejecting daddy since last week whenever Ming carry her she will fuss then cry and scream.. Only want mummy to carry.. Mummy don't get to rest 😂😖 but today she seems to back to normal.. So today plan is having daddy carry the whole day and only pass to me on feeding time, hopefully it works

Time to prepare lunch, been sometimes I get to cook a proper meal..


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