Spend my birthday with Chloe and that's gonna happen for rest of the coming years..
She extra good that day sleep and eat no cry no whine let mummy have some alone time and shop for her own birthday gift (online lar).. This make me happy enough..
Just talked a friend and she asking me whether am I firm with my decision of become a SAHM as I declined her offer of freelance job..I'm very firm lar at least his point of time..maybe only will start with freelance when I'm bored or Chloe grow up

Most of my friends know it's my dream becoming a SAHM.. My parents are both working since give birth to me and I know how is it growing up staying with nanny and maid (not that's is very bad lar me n my sibling also grown up quite well).. That's make me decide to taking of my kids myself since young but having double income is kinda essential these days depending on one salary seems impossible.. So it's become a 'dream' to me..
But after having Chloe make me even keen with my 'ambition'

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