SAHM day 3

Was suppose to bring Chloe out for her 2nd hepatitis b injection ALONE.. Kinda prepare myself well since I know the appointment fall on weekday.. But Ming convince me to postpone it since is hazy out there n he worry about me having to bring her out alone..and she would probably cry the hospital down after the injection.. So ok.. Appt postponed! Back to usual routine..

I even practice to Tula her yesterday walk around at home.. She kinda small even with infant insert you can hardly see I'm carry a baby but she seems to be very comfy inside.. Coz she was fast asleep once I placed her in! Love Tula design the most! And very easy to use.. Would probably wear it whenever I'm out alone with her!

See i said we're ready to go out! Dressed her after her bath with her new hairband matchy onesie and mittens but no we are not going anywhere darling! home we stay

She sleep better on her tummy but I only put her on tummy in daytime so I can monitor her.. Actually she can tilt her head left and right herself to make herself comfortable but I'm still worried.. And she moved a lot I normally place her at the top of the crib and she always ended up at the end of it! My little crawling turtle!
whenever she sleep like that she fart a lot and I enjoy see her farting #obssesedmon coz she will lift her butt then lift one of her leg then fart! So cute haha

I'm so hungry!! Still haven't hv lunch!! Today she nap only 1 hour since 8.30am too excited to go out or what! Don't wanna nap nevermind but keep wanting to be carry.. Tula also not work! Like I will go out without her like that..argh.. Just this 3 days I lost 1kg already.. No joke..being SAHM is a tough job!!

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