SAHM day 1

Today marked official first day being a SAHM!! Hope I survive at least 2 years!!
(While typing this my princess already give me 3 fart!)
And she also decide to give me first ever poo explosion this morning! Thanks for the welcome gift darling! 😂

Spend 4 hour to put her to sleep! My hand is gonna broke very soon!
Loss count of how many attempts I put her down on her crib and she ended up wake up crying! Replay hug, carry, rock and pat butt drama dunno how many times and finally she having a nap now almost 2 hour already..
Have my tingkat at 2.30.. And itchy butt me don't wanna have nap went to do laundry la, fold clothes la, this la that la.. Now is almost time for her to wake up and I'm so regret not having nap😖😖 lesson learn!

Change her bed sheet, get things organized then wipe everything in her nursery coz of haze everything seems to be extra dusty.. Washed her poo-ed clothes too.. My hand seems to grow 10years older just today!

So tired I swear I'm gonna nap on next feed! Of coz after manage to put her to nap again!

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