Grandparent left *sad face*
I'll have to spend my day with mummy and daddy only so boring *yawn*'.. And dunno how many funny headgear this mummy have to put on me.. Anyone please stop her from bringing more..😔😔

Just got the kitchen rearrange coz everything kinda mess after CL use it for a month then my mum cook a storm last night for my relatives in sg
New corner in the kitchen we do direct latch for 1 month already since milk supply is establish and stable already so we think is time to introduce ebm in bottle to Chloe so hubby can help to bottle feed her at least once alternate night n i can have longer sleep instead of usual 2 hour😴
Most important princess wiling to accept bottle *phew*

My best friend in coming days.. Brought the hand free bra so I can still get some things done when pumping milk the only thing I can't do is to carry Chloe! And don't know why she always choose to cry when I'm expressing milk and nobody else at home to help to carry her.. 😆
I don't want to be oversupply and also lazy (have to wash and sterilize all) la, so I only pump once a day..just enough for 1 night feed so there always just only one ebm bottle in the fridge.. Lazy mummy here

We want clean and clear air that we deserve! Seriously Indonesia thanks for this special 'hazy season' every year!
Me and hubby is having headache then dry throat and my baby who is only 1 month old and all the babies in sg and Malaysia they need clean air that they deserve ok! Argh….

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