My mum is here yesterday and my dad and sis coming today for short stay over the weekend.. I'm very touched lar they wiling to travel all the way here despite the journey and the currency just to visit us and baby!
My dad use to say go Singapore I can go Australia already! So expensive but every time he still drive down so he can drive us out and buy gift for baby.. #thingsparentdo

So today me and hub took a day off.. Let my mum enjoy taking care of her first grandchild..Prepared extra express breast milk then we off for movie Coz we know it's gonna be long time till we can step in to the cinema together
Watched inside out!
Not bad but I'm very sleepy from month worth of sleepless nights..and kept thinking of my baby is she coping well with grandma, drink milk already not, did my mum manage to put her to sleep ended up keep texting my mum..Oh hi #motherhood

Did some quick shopping all baby related stuff! Nursing bra, bottle drying rack, baby bolster.. Then rush home for Chloe.. Miss her like crazy..but at the sle time kept telling myself to relax and enjoy the day as dunno when we can hv someone to babysit her #mixedfeeling

She extra clingy tonight.. Keep wanting to carry,make fuss min we put her down, unsettle and cried non stop! Skipped 2 nap and now sleeping on her human mattress (me) finally coz cry till Tired..Good job baby you terrified your grandparent. Maybe overstimulate to many attention today.Like she know once she whine or cry sure the grandpa or grandma will carry, rock, do whatever to stop her
Drink milk also parent must be very worry now how am I going handle her alone once they left..

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