My crying little lamb
Attempt to do a mini photoshoot for her yesterday but failed my model not in mood whenever we put her on set she cry soothe her nurse her then try to place her again cry again.. Okie boss no shooting today ok!
We will try our luck next week

She look calm here.. That's CL's hand trying to adjust her hat
Must take a nice photo of the whole set coz it's a really nice fully yarn crochet custom made by my friend.. She receive order too!Let me know if you interested

Daddy first time bath Chloe.. I think he is terrified! Coz she cry non stop as usual at bath time..I also bathe her twice only but when I once place her in the tub she stop crying her leg enjoy kicking in the water
Just that I'm afraid my hand cannot take her weight feel like almost broke after each bath! Btw this Burt bee baby shower is very good! I love to sniff my baby a lot but especially after her bath!!

Morning is always daddy duty coz I'm dead tired..but his duty is just carry her a while then bring to confinement lady coz he need to go to work..I sleep with CL together with baby n hubby enjoy his sleep in guest room! Shiok hor.. But once nanny left hehe yup you cannot run away liao

Daddy girl in the making…
Bad haze these day so this daddy quickly went to buy purifier for her beloved daughter he also a breastfeeding expert now! He finish the BF book he luchase in kindle and give me advice and summary of his reading haha..find it funny having a man giving u BF knowledge, my very personal lactation consultant! 😘


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