Another 3 days till confinement end and confinement nanny leaving😂😂
Then I'll have to take care baby myself, prepare meals and do house chores too..actually we have been talking about hiring helper but decide not to coz doing all these keep myself busy and time pass faster also after Confinment lady experience me as a control freak I can't really let people taking care of my baby..I prefer handle her myself
So for food I would probably order tingkat service then house chores leave to hubby

Declare today as jail break day but since I'm out dunno how many times already so don't care liao..We went shopping with baby with CL's help as a preview of future outing! So after Clinic (thanks God baby no more jaundice) we are off to paragon to shop for baby stuff..then have lunch!Been a month I never step in a restaurant!Baby sleep thru the whole 3 hours shopping..nursed her once we reach and she enjoy her stroller ride,sleep so well!

Manage to squeeze myself into pre-preg skinny but body still very 'bulky' haha so have to borrow hubby's tee
Really impressed how breastfeeding transfer my fat to baby.. She growing chubbier now!! My proudest report card 😘😘 2.6kg at birth n 4kg now..
Also started to shop for post preg outfit that suitable for BF.. But most of the time ended up buying things for baby instead of myself 😖😖😖 what is this welcome motherhood!

I'm 4 weeks old already!!
⌛️ I need my milk every 3 hour! I'm very punctual no delay ok, mummy!
🍼 I smile and laugh in my sleep! So funny my dream.. Full of milk
😈 I make funny noise whenever I'm put down in my cot!So I'll be picked up and got carry!
🐯 I sound like angry tiger when I try to put mummy nipple into my tiny mouth! Roar~ milk come to me!
🙅🏼 don't undress me! Or try to change my diaper! I will cry, shout then scream at you! Stop it! But see my mood lar..and see how u perform

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