Baby Chloe -Week 2

Baby blues…
First 2 weeks are really tough dealing with lack of sleep, finding way to increase milk production, feed a forever hungry baby, going to clinic every few day to check jaundice, nipple sore, leaking boobs, crying baby..then mummy also cried few times.. (Thanks to hormones! )😭😭
Hope this week gonna be better..the only thing I can do is pray every time I feel weak..God please grant me strength n wisdom to rise this baby..

On the bright side
-milk seems to establish try to pump n see how much I produce for a feed PTL is more than what she need at current age
-2 more week to end confinement not that confinement is bad I still bath as per normal (of coz with herbs)!lotsa thing which I think unlogical I don't do my meals I request to be simple n most important increase milk supply luckily my CL don't force me n coz I'm very stubborn too, just that i want my life back!

– had 5 urut session last week my waist reduce from 33' to 27', massage lady say I'm done no nid for another 5 BF should hep with the rest of fats..she say I don't hv water retention all I hv is muscle, sure ornot! But I hv 4 inch n 6kg to lose to b back to my pre pregnancy waist n weight but this massage lady very 👍🏼👍🏼 she was a mid wife in kk years back so she give me a lot of BF tips and lactation consultation service some more after seeing my baby drinking pattern..So blessed to have her

– jaundice going down.. Hopefully soon we will discharge then no need to go clinic anymore but thanks God her jaundice level still don't need to phototherapy yet.. So heart pain whenever they do the blood test
– hospital bill came lower than expected surprisingly got government grant! We thanks God also coz Ming's company subsidies ..😊

Trying to noted down happy things to keep me positive.. Bear with me

Current situation after feed..
It's all worthy~

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