Baby Chloe – Week 1

Baby is one week old! Times passed so fast..
She was born on 9 August (SG national day) at 12:01am.. She such a lucky baby she got a lot of goodies & gift from Hospital (birth story maybe next time)
Within this one week me and Ming learn so much on how to take care of a baby and adapting to our new life with this additional member! And so much more to learn..biggest challenge still –
Breastfeeding, really salute all BF mummies!! It require great effort, patient and endless sleepless night!

I can stare at this face for hour I just don't feel like letting her be anywhere apart from me..tho I'm lack of sleep everyday since at night I'll have to wake up for every feed..just hope she can drink as much as possible and poo as much as she can so her jaundice will continue to drop

Obsessed daddy will take out his camera everyday to capture a few shot of his little princess..
Everyone say she have daddy eye my nose n mouth.. Dimple from daddy too..
She started to smile in her dream that melt all our hearts! 😍😍

Btw Thanks God jaundice level seems to be going down.. Hopefully soon we can stop visiting the clinic

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