My lovers..
It's 5th day of motherhood! Ming have been a really great support to me physically n emotionally.. He do whatever he can except breastfeeding, accommodate our needs and backing me up especially when CL and my mum have 'suggest' me to go for formula..😡😡 I'm really thankful for him can't imagine next week he going back to work..
As for Me just trying to turn my self to a productive milk cow 🍼🐄 ..feed as much as she needed and eat all the food that helps milk production

My little sweetheart!
She is amazing, she latch well, whenever we are out she sleep thru the journey till we're home
Got jaundice checked yesterday she have bit and need to monitor, going back to do another test on Friday.. So heartache when they poke the needle to get her blood 😭😭😭
Haih suddenly people giving different opinions and suggestions! I'm confused this nurse say this then doctor say another things! Thanks God we have few BF mummies from church to gives us advice and encouragement

Finally I'm allowed to wash my hair today!!! Woohoo..

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