It's jubilee weekend!! And also baby Edd is 8 of August!
After the bloody show on Monday nothing happen no contraction, no water break..nothing!
Had braxton hicks on Wednesday got panicked went to delivery suite for cervix test (super painful)! Dilates at 1cm only so was send home to wait for real contraction and give me clearer idea of contraction😂
And finally I got a good night sleep..no more guessing game of her being good inside? is this real contraction or wht,is the discharge normal

Went to last gynae check up today Doctor say baby still have enough fluid to stay in weight 2.9kg so nothing to worry.. But if still no contraction, gonna induce on 11 Aug…I hope no lar of coz.. But it's all depend on the God timing.. Just pray that the delivery is smooth and she is healthy!

Baby we know is comfy inside mummy but please come out and meet us soon k!! Mummy and daddy is so looking forward to see u!

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