So lazy to go out, so I try ordering groceries from Redmart.. Not bad lar just that deliver come next day and purposely ordered these heavy stuff like rice, oyster sauce, detergent.. Not sure the pricing tho if compare to other supermarket but I used discount code so got 10% off total bill.. Not bad very convenient

My days are filled with meal planning.. Then download books (haven't start reading), walk in park in the evening then today start play the sims 4 again.. Time passed very slow at home.. 😂😂

Today total 5 friends asking me is how's baby? is she coming out soon?.. So coincidence they all asked at same time then my CL also called to check on me..

Yesterday lunch meesua soup and fruits..

Pan seared salmon with tomatoes, stir fry vege and corn soup

Continue my meal diary

Dried scallop with pork porridge for lunch today
Porridge always good for lazy afternoon

Dinner today is Chicken karaage with honey lemon sauce, mesh potatoes and broccoli.. Super dry dinner 😂
Tml gonna have soup..

Thanks for reading my boring meal diary..continue the sims 4! So tempted to buy career expansion!! Should I?!?!

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