Parcels finally arrived!

5 parcels of clothes for this little person.. Just couldn't stop shop for her, daddy also don't wanna lose yesterday he brought a set outfit for her too which he never do lo! He usually only buy big stuff, practical and necessary stuff..

Haha I even plan outfit for her.. Too free already nothing better to do so this set to bring to hospital

Also these, got matching hat so can come home with this.. Actually a matching receiving blanket too.. Haha hubby keep roll his eye when i planing all these..
All send to wash already! Never be so hardworking on laundry this mummy only for u..

First day maternity leave.. My lunch garlic fried rice and abc soup.. My younger sister is here to acc me till I give birth so she can take care and do most of the housework for me.. 💪🏼good to have sister!

Gyu Don for dinner
Now I have more time to slowly plan dinner and learn new recipe.. 😉

Beef Rice Bowl and stif fry vege..

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