Last week at work!!! But I'm kinda regret why not I start my maternity this week instead.. So lazy and feel so heavy!but is ok it's my last Monday blue..for next 3 months at least! Rested very well this long weekend, everyone one keep asking me to sleep as much as I can before baby enter our life!! So I did, keep forcing myself to nap even though I'm not tired and sleep before 11 every night..

Just went out once to Paragon to grab some baby stuff then ps cafe for dinner, been months never enter cafe! Coz Baby and me prefer Chinese food more..

Overloaded with truffles fries and fish and chips.. Don't feel like eating it anytime soon..

Since I don't prefer to go out so I always ask my friends to come over rather then meeting out.. Last sat @babyping came over for breakfast..and she passed me this pretty stuff she got bkk.. Another thing they come they always come with present for me or for baby, I never receive many gifts in a month!! Feel like Christmas!

Having girl mean people love shopping for her.. Whenever girlfriends go shopping they will buy whatever they see cute for baby.. This is what Krystal my colleague passed me yesterday when she pass by my house! Why so sweet!!

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