Baby Chloe’s Nusery

 Yup, name is decided for our baby girl
-Chloe Lau Ee Xuan |  刘苡萱 -
actually chinese name got more meaning..also got next baby name in mind liao..haha obsessed mummy is obsessed..
since im in week 36, time to get everything ready before im getting very clumsy and heavy
first thing first the baby nursery since i have her wardrobe prepare way before this and i’m now banned from buying clothes for her 
Today gonna show you where she gonna spend her time at
we don’t have a room for her so she taking half of our bedroom since our cot is very mobile we can push her out of the room whenever we want! haha
Color scheme that used for the nursery
dusty pink, mint, gold and white
only 2 furniture for her..cot and the changing table!
Micuna sweet bear cot and Ikea changing table 
attached with four wheels, 2 with brake that give mobility for the cot and it’s very light also Micuna cot have this relax system that’s why you can see the mattress is abit tilted 
cot bumper, bed sheet, and diaper pad from Mothercare
thinking should i get the cot mobile
and that’s her first soft toy i called her the raindrop that daddy approve it’s unique and cute..
 Ikea changing table haven’t fully equipped with baby’s changing stuff yet so now only deco stuff 
since im preparing so here a list to remind myself
Diapers, thermometer, wipes, baby toiletries (nail clipper, powder, diaper rash cream, cotton ball, Q-tips), Baby Wash Cloths, burp cloths, socks, mitten, and anything i missed out?
i supper love the pink diaper bin i got from taobao i read somewhere a close and quiet diaper bin is very important so i invest bit on this and of coz option for a pink one! 
 love every single little gold details
most bowl and glassware are from Kikki K last year collection from the voucher my colleague gave me last birthday also got the knitted crown for baby Chloe can’t wait to make her wear it
hub say he foresee Chloe is gonna be my doll and styling model for next couple of years
not sure how it will look when we have all the necessaries stuff ready here
will shoot any picture to update the “reality”
but now i can just enjoy my time staring at this corner while waiting our little princess to arrive..

“Dear God give us godly wisdom and your words as I bring up this little one and I pray that she will grow up into girl you favour. Teach her, Lord, to trust Your wisdom and plan, with a faith from up above.” in Jesus name i pray, Amen.

7 thoughts on “Baby Chloe’s Nusery

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