Work from home Tuesday!
Send some job email out then went to wet market grab soup bones and some vege for today and tomorrow meals..
Luckily the wet market and ntuc is walking distance if not I'll be starving at home! Coz by going out for less than 30mins make me super tired already..
Work from home also mean I get to arrange anything I shop online or offline to be delivered today!

Waiting for my anniversary gift to arrived from star living not the sofa of coz this is delivery order..

Shop online in sg is very taobao and U.S. Site with com gateway very easy and delivery is super fast! Sometimes I think local site take even longer time! And with the conversion rate everything seems to be cheaper ..😣
I keep buying clothes for baby till I asked myself and my friend how many is enough argh?

Start to do some baby is white series

Waited excitedly and guess what! they freaking send a wrong item over!!! What is this!!! Only can send the 'hopefully' correct one tml! Luckily tml I work from home also if not I'm gonna be really mad!!

Hubby brought kindle finally he been wanting one since forever.. But now don't know which book to buy..any recommend books to read?!?
I wanna read breastfeeding related book.. Any mummy have any good read?

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