Cleaning day!!
Washed laundry and went to market
My task :Got 2 toilet washed, swept the floor
Hubby's task: wipe everything in the house, mop the floor..

And got this little thing to vacuum the house before hubby mop the floor! Super useful and safe lotsa work! I'll let it out every 2 days to vacuum the dusk n hair..

This guy got really tired and decide to sit on roiling chair while mopping the floor

So domestic today! Whipped up a simple late lunch and too tired to bath so we pull out a light single mattress from common room to nap in the living hall.. 😴

The cot is finally here..we got Micuna sweet bear cot for baby c tho I don't really like the bear design on the side of the crib but I like it light, very mobile and the relax system (dunno will use ornot) but overall quite happy with the cot

Relax system : reclining bed base there's 3 position
Suppose reduces baby winds, chance of drowning cause by vomit and helps breath..

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