Working from home today starting today following weeks before my maternity will have 2 to 3 days working from home.. Luckily I did today my lower abdomen is super painful whenever I stand up from siting and walk..
Manage to go fairprice for a quick grocery shopping and cook myself a quick lunch in between work! Time passes so fast.. Spend my whole day editing Raya video for coming campaign

Now at the gynae for baby check up finally! Can't wait to meet baby! Still no weight gain.. Hope baby c grow enough weight..

Baby is 2.5kg! No worries anymore.. Continue eat as per usual! Doctor say baby look like me.. Dunno good or not! Haha I hope she have daddy's nose lar but doc say she is having my nose.. Haha maybe too early to say.. As long as baby healthy we're happy
Continue grow healthy k 😘

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