cooking diaries

Ever since we moved, I've tried to cook dinner at least 3 times a week.. I actually enjoy and looking forward to do so.. Find it bored to eat out.. Things can be extra bland or too salty and the biggest problem is to think of what to eat and not healthy..
I'm still not very good at cooking, my dishes always look the same.. Haha I just keep repeat it but at least I'm sure these are healthy for me and baby..

I love ready dayre especially this who share recipe and menu of what they eat everyday gives me ideas of what to cook!
So there's this time homemade wan tan is trending, see many dayres are making in so I join and made first wanton from raw! Biggest achievement ever for me la! From mince meat. Prawn to wrap it up, turn out not bad oso!
Haha 很有成就感

Then my mum made this cili paste for me.. And perfect for everything! So we have fried fish with cili paste, potato pork and abc soup

Then we have the cili again with pork slice and Broccolini.. Super simple mark done in 30mins!

Tomato egg, steam cod fish and lotus root soup for yesterday

Fruits and yogurt after dinner!!
Keeping these diary can help me recall what I've cook and may repeat it in future!

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