Yesterday bunch of sneaky people arranged a surprise baby shower for me.. I totally dont expect this coz we're so busy at work and no hint at all!
They even texted hubby secretly for a week! Amazing!
So on sat hub keep telling me he wanna bring me to high tea at a nice cafe his friend recommended.. So I tot so sweet a, he seldom gimme me surprise one..maybe he feel guilty of me carrying her daughter I disnt ask much and follow his plan..

Then yesterday I woke up with bad headache but still bearable so we make it to church and his plan is to come home after church for short nap before we head out to the place but I was so sleepy and tired so I drag the time a bit and even ask can we do it next week? But he insisted, then second thoughts of maybe he planning a 3 years wedding anniversary lunch which happen in 2 days (which I totally forget about) so I was like okie lar got heart! Die die must wake up and dress myself

And we reached and greeted by this people I meet everyday at work!!! They came earlier to decorate the place prepare and plan everything so perfectly!

Cupcakes, balloons, stole my picture and printed it out! Haha those effort ..👍🏼👍🏼I'm really touched and grateful! I'm not a very sweet person in office ever since I pregnant I show my grumpy face more then smiley one.. And easily upset by people gives us troubles.. But I thanks God I have these girls with me..

Our gang is very multiracial..combination of Indonesia, Singaporean, French, U.S. And me Malaysian! Thanks loves!!

Then they ask me to unwrapped presents.. Very paiseh coz I never do that all you have to do is constantly gives surprise look! Haha! But I really like the present la..

😘 is everyone first baby shower! Haha we don't know what to do beside eat and talk like normal day out! Haha what people do argh?

Things they brought for baby c.. Mothercare voucher(super practical) Kiki k diy album (everyone know I'm kikki k biggest fan), very cute French dress that picked for baby, giraffe toy from Vic's boyfriend (he is super sweet)! Secure sleeper from vic (good for co sleeping) an a meal planner from Enny!


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