Baby nursery is so empty now! When is this crib gonna arrived.. things I hate about preorder I just couldn't wait for things I paid takes ages to arrived.. I got all the bumper, bedsheets, coverlet ready but not the crib 😂
Now I'm hunting for diaper changing pad cover.. necessary or not? Don't care as long as it look nice! Haha super unpractical mother I am..
Now all the baby stuff are in pink what if I my second kid a boy? Don't care dy my mum say second one use whatever! Haha so unfair!

When should I start packing my hospital bag? After having a few friends got premature baby me and hubby bit kancheong! Seems like baby can come anytime anywhere like that!

Dinner alone, I want something simple so cool easy scallop and mince pork porridge and fruits..
Actually I can't wait for our next gynae visit coz I haven't gain any weight since 4 weeks ago dunno did baby gain enuf weight ornot..😕

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