Parent and sisters just went home my house is back to quiet and emptiness..I really wish them to stay longer or even stay with me for long term here in sg..but both of them have work commitment and sister have to be back for college..

My house is extra clean and neat when mummy is here she mop the floor dunno how many times already, and so busy cooking feed me with home cook food.. luckily I took a day off today so I have time unwind myself from the very hectic weekend

My aunts and cousins came over on sat night for small family gathering celebrate dumpling festival together.. Very first time hosting gathering at my own place but mum who in charge of all the cooking and I did nothing but eat.. Been awhile since I met my sg relatives so it's been a good catch up with good food

Nothing to do now, avoid checking office email since I'm on leave.. So I gather all the stuff we brought over the weekend and sort them out..
Headache is we don't have utilities room don't know how to hide and keep these things 1st..
And finally finally we settle with stroller it's been a dilemma of picking the right one..still not sure is the right one tho.. But my parent all agree yoyo is far best they have seen so just buy la..

And ah gong insist to take the bill despite the conversion..since he promise earlier he will pay for a good stroller if we manage to have baby in 1 year time so yeah.. He initially tot with the price we can add few hundred to get a bigger and posh looking stroller like strokke but considering we don't have car here and depend on public transport so a light and easy one will be good for us
We got the infant and 6+ ..Hope baby will like ah gong pressie

Haidilao for Father's Day dinner, and my father keep giving thumb up to us for bringing him there! Haha he really love it! If he stay here I think it will be regular family dining place for us.. I don't like the aftermath smelly mouth and stomachache middle of the night tho I din have much of the mala base and everyone take turn to bomb the toilet 😓

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