Hello! Back from another long hiatus and in case you wonder how big is my bump is!! Is it truth that having a girl = bigger bump? Mine is huge now but I think still got room to grow more coz I still have 7 weeks!! 7 weeks less than 2 months now!I seldom take pictures these days lar, that is for a online magazine article on what's in my bag preggers version..
Look quite terrible now, hair style outta shape, pimples on nose, flabby arms and chubby tights!

My sisters are in sg staying at my place, they find it very tiring to go around sg coz that involve too much walking and human squeezing and prefer to stay home!And this whole week I have someone to prepare breakfast,dinner and after dinner dessert for me n hub! Shoik! And hubby was asking me whether should we extend their stay here (coz they will be back coming Sunday with my parent) then I was like u thought their are domestic helpers izzit! Btw that's the picture they sent me baking cookies!

This weekend is gonna be happening my parents are here and my mum wanted a gathering with my aunts at my place, hosting a dinner is my first time!
Next week after they left gotta start working on nursery and get all the baby necessities.. Cannot nuah already 😳 time is getting closer!

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