Late parcel! Why I always have to deal with it! I order this giant tulle skirt for my maternity shoot but it doesn't came in time! No choice but to wear my existing skirt that doesn't fit me anymore for the shoot!
Order another bralet to match with another skirt for second set and doesn't come as well! Good luck or what!

Then I got this bikinis I got from ASOS that suppose to arrived 2 weeks before my Bali trip decide not to come in time too but second day when I'm in Bali! What is this! And now what should I do with this bikinis!

Why do I always have to deals with this!?!?

Chubby face heading out for dinner craving for jap! I miss sashimi but I guess my only option are those cooked food..

Thinking should we get a nursing armchair? Dayre Mummy is it necessary? Our house now don't have a chair with good backrest support..

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